"How Any Funnel Hacker Can Create Your Own Highly Persuasive Sales Letters To Sell Virtually Anything In A Single  Afternoon "
"Here's The Perfect Solution If You Want To Create Sales Letters Without A Copywriter "
"Are You A Funnel Hacker Who Is Sick And Tired Of Banging Your Head Against The Wall Trying To Write A Sales Letter?"

From The Desk of Jim Edwards
Port Haywood, VA
RE: Your Next Sales Letter
Dear friend,
It's a FACT - most people fail miserably trying to sell anything online.
Why? Because their sales copy sucks!
Have you been hiring expensive copywriters to create your sales letters?
Or, can you even afford one of those high-priced copywriters who want an arm and a leg to write a sales letter? (When I was starting out, I sure couldn't afford their crazy prices!)
Do you need create a high-converting sales letter for your product, service, book or coaching... but don't know where to start?
Then this framework is the answer you've been looking for.

Hi, I'm Jim Edwards, co-creator of Funnel Scripts, the web’s #1 push-button sales copy software.
I'm also the author of the international best-selling book "Copywriting Secrets"!
I've been writing high-converting sales letters for myself for the last 20+ years.
I've been teaching others how to sell their own products and services online for the last 19 years.

"How to fast-track your Sales Copywriting results..."
I've got an amazing framework for you called "One-Page Sales Letters Secrets."
It makes it easy for you to create your own highly persuasive sales letters to sell virtually anything, so you can consistently make high-converting offers. 
If you've been hiring an expensive copywriter, then this framework is the answer you've been looking for. 
Claim your access now and we'll get you started with the One-Page Sales Letters Secrets immediately.
"One Page Sales Letter Secrets"
One-Page Sales Letter Secrets ($997 Value)
 BONUS #1: The 'Why People Buy" Insiders Guide (The TOP 10 Reasons Why People Buy and how to use them to skyrocket sales) ($297 Value)
 BONUS #2: The Funnel Hacker's Guide to Email Teasers (How to write a killer email teaser for anything!) ($297 Value)
 BONUS #3: Online Ads Decoded (How to create online ads that get targeted, quality clicks) ($497 Value)
Total Value: $ 2,088
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only $7.00
Yes... for about the price of large pizza, you can get access to a framework that took me 20+ years to perfect... 

YES NAME! Give Me Instant Access To The Sales Letter Secrets One-Pager And Training RIGHT NOW For Just $7.00 !
Consistently Make High-Converting Offers Quickly With "One-Page Sales Letters Secrets"
  • ​Helps You Make More Sales
  • ​Makes It Easy To Get Your Sales Letter Done In An Afternoon For Just About Anything You Want To Sell 
  • Gives You The keys To Create High Converting Sales Letters Fast
  • ​Avoid Hiring An Expensive Copywriter
  • ​The Real SECRET To Making More Sales Online With One-page Sales Letters
  • ​How To Consistently Make High-converting Offers 
  • ​Effortlessly Create The Sales Copy You Need (fast)
  • ​Quickly Create A High Converting Sales Letter 
  • ​Answers the question "How Can I Get A Damn Good Sales Letter Done Myself - Fast?" 
  • ​Discover How To Create Your Own Highly Persuasive Sales Letters To Sell Virtually Anything
  • ​STOP Worrying About Sales Letters Once And For All
At this point you might be asking... 
"Who is Jim Edwards and how can he help me with my sales letters?"
I'm The Guy Who Teaches Non-Sales People How To Sell... Anything!
I've been doing this for over 20 years.
I've written multiple six-figure and 7-figure sales letters (even have one that's done over $16,000,000.00 in sales so far). 

WARNING: I can't tell you that you'll do six or seven figures (or even make $10) because I don't know you... but I will reveal the secrets of how I constructed those sales letters in this amazing framework I want to share with you.
I've helped thousands of people just like you create sales messages, ads, sales letters and more.
My mission is to help people just like you go from blank screen to compelling content and money-making sales messages at the push of a button! (No Experience Required!)
By the way, don't just take my word for it... take a look at this...
2 Facts You Need To Know About Copywriting and Sales Letters...
FACT #1 - Some Freelance Copywriters charge up to $250 per hour to write a sales letter. 

FACT #2 - Many copywriters charge $5,000 for a single sales letter.

Can you afford that? Do you want to pay that?

I sure didn't... and that's why I decided to get really good and writing MY OWN sales letters... and you should too!

I think Gary Halbert (one of the greatest sales copywriters of our time) said it best...
"You're One Sales Letter Away From Being Rich!"
Here's Exactly What You Get With "One Page Sales Letter Secrets"(For Just $7.00)
One-Page Sales Letter Secrets ($997 Value) 
  • This training is the secret to create your own high-converting sales letters and sell virtually anything you can think of.
  •  Start selling without waiting for an expensive copywriter to fit you into their busy schedule.
  •  Experience the true freedom of your own 24/7 online sales machines.
  • And So Much More...
Plus, ACT NOW and You'll Get All Of These Bonuses For FREE!
Bonus #1 - The 'Why People Buy" Insiders Guide
"The TOP 10 Reasons Why People Buy and how to use them to skyrocket sales"
Total Value: $297
This one-pager is the shortcut for you to understand what motivates people to buy anything (large or small).
Use those reasons to make whatever you sell much more appealing to your target audience.
 Have the confidence that you can create sales letters that will actually convert lookers into buyers.
Get This For FREE When You Order 'One-Page Sales Letter Secrets' Today! 
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"Use The 'Killer Headline' Script..."
Total Value: $297
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Total Value: $297
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Get This For FREE When You Order '_______' Today! 
There Is NO CATCH!
At this point you might be thinking "This sounds great, but there's gotta be a catch, right?"
There's no catch!
I'm doing this because I know what it's like to have a message you want to share, but struggle to sell your products and ideas! I want to help as many people as I can fix that once and for all.
All you need to do is register and you can get started right away (even if it's 2:00 a.m. in the morning!).
Time Is Of The Essence...
This is a LIMITED OFFER at this price.
Now, this framework offer can't last forever... So don't wait! 
I certainly can't keep this up forever... the bonuses will go away in the near future, so if you want to get the amazing results with your own one-page sales letters, grab it now before it's gone!
And the great news is, you're fully protected with...
My "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee
And, if for any reason you don't love it, I'll refund your money and you can still keep access to the framework and get value from it in the future.
You Must Act Fast!
Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get today When You Order My One Page Sales Letter Secrets.
You Could Get The Script That Has Made Me More Money Than Anything Else I've Ever Done In This Business.
YES NAME! Give Me Instant Access To The One Page Sales Letter Secrets And Training RIGHT NOW For Just $7.00 !
  One-Page Sales Letter Secrets   (Value $997)
  BONUS #1: The 'Why People Buy" Insiders Guide (Value $297)
  BONUS #2: Funnel Hacker's Guide to Email Teasers (Value $297)
  BONUS #3: Online Ads Decoded  (Value $497)
Total Value: $2,088
Today Just $7
That's pretty much everything! If you want create amazing sales letters without hiring an expensive copywriter, this is the framework to show you exactly how to do it... guaranteed!
I hope to see you on the inside :-)
Thanks again,
Jim Edwards
P.S. Bottom line: if you want to increase sales, sell more of just about anything, and increase your profits... a great sales letter is the way to go.

This framework is proven to help you do just that... no matter what you sell. 

To make it even better, you can get the whole thing along with the amazing bonuses for just $7! Act now - your satisfaction is guaranteed!
YES NAME! Give Me Instant Access To '_________' RIGHT NOW For Just $7.00 !
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 Step #3: Checkout
Everything Your Going To Get
  • Instant Access To (Your Flagship Framework) (Value $497)
  • Full Access To ____________________ (Value $297)
  • Instant Access To ________________ (Value $197)
  • ​Access To _________________________ (Value $197)
  • ______________________________________ (Value $297)
Total Value: $1,485
Today Just $7

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